Werder Bremen

Location Bremen, Germany
Soccerfame Fans: 75
Founded 1899
Manager Robin Dutt
Stadium Weserstadion (Capacity: 42358)
Great odds and variety of bets.
N: Name Position
1. Sebastian Mielitz Goalkeeper
20. Raphael Wolf Goalkeeper
30. Richard Strebinger Goalkeeper
2. Santiago Garcia Defender
3. Luca Caldirola Defender
4. Mateo Pavlovic Defender
5. Assani Lukimya-Mulongoti Defender
8. Clemens Fritz Defender
15. Sebastian Prodl Defender
23. Theodor Gebre Selassie Defender
29. Cimo Rocker Defender
6. Cedric Makiadi Midfielder
7. Ludovic Obraniak Midfielder
10. Mehmet Ekici Midfielder
11. Eljero Elia Midfielder
13. Lukas Schmitz Midfielder
N: Name Position
16. Zlatko Junuzovic Midfielder
17. Aleksandar Ignjovski Midfielder
18. Felix Kroos Midfielder
28. Levent Aycicek Midfielder
31. Predrag Stevanovic Midfielder
32. Ozkan Yildirim Midfielder
34. Aleksandar Stevanovic Midfielder
38. Julian Von Haacke Midfielder
44. Philipp Bargfrede Midfielder
9. Franco Di Santo Forward
14. Aaron Hunt Forward
22. Melvyn Lorenzen Forward
24. Nils Petersen Forward
26. Davie Selke Forward
33. Martin Kobylanski Forward
36. Max Wegner Forward



Blimey, are we really going to sign two estehlisbad and experienced international defenders (almost 100 caps between them!) on the same day?While he might be a bit slow, I think Mertesacker will be a very good signing. Good age, good price, bags of experience. I also think it will give us some more options, and would allow us to have two back fours depending on opposition. We'd have one for the Stokes and Blackburns of this world (featuring the stronger Mertesacker) and one for more skillful teams (featuring the quicker Koscielny). I still wonder if we'll still try for Cahill so we could field a really strong back four against the bully boys (Sagna   Cahill   Mertesacker   Vermaelen). Still, getting ahead of myself there. One new CB would be nice!  0  0
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Immpresive first season in Werder for Marko Marin. He is still young but became one of the important players in Werder's squad. If Marin say in Werder for around two more season and develop his skills, Marin surely will become a world-class midfielder. He has great dribble and is good finisher, although this season he most of the time created goal chances for Pizarro and not so much to finish Werder's attacks.
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