Location Valencia, Spain
Soccerfame Fans: 9
Founded 1909
Manager Joaquin Caparros
Stadium Ciutat de Valеncia (Capacity: 25534)
N: Name Position
1. Keylor Navas Goalkeeper
13. Javi Jimenez Goalkeeper
4. David Navarro Defender
5. Hector Rodas Defender
6. Loukas Vyntra Defender
12. Juanfran Defender
15. Nikolaos Karabelas Defender
19. Pedro Lopez Defender
25. Alberto Gomez Fernandez Nagore Defender
14. Miguel Pallardo Midfielder
16. Issam El Adoua Midfielder
17. Jordi Xumetra Midfielder
18. Sergio Pinto Midfielder
N: Name Position
20. Pedro Rios Midfielder
21. Andreas Ivanschitz Midfielder
22. Mohamed Sissoko Midfielder
23. Papakouli Diop Midfielder
24. Simao Junior Midfielder
30. Jose Higon Midfielder
3. Victor Casadesus Forward
7. David Barral Forward
8. Nabil El Zhar Forward
9. Angel Rodriguez Forward
10. Baba Forward
11. Ruben Garcia Forward
46. Jason Forward



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Levante is one of my big candidates to relegate from Primera, just a season after return among the best clubs in the country. The squad looks not only tiny, but and with lack of quality. Most of the players are average and it will be very, very hard to stay in Primera for one more season. Of course. the transfer deadline is stil far away, but so far the prospect is not very good for them.
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