Founded 2002
Manager Lee Young-Jin
Great odds and variety of bets.
N: Name Position
- Yang-Jong Lee Goalkeeper
- Hyun-Woo Cho Goalkeeper
- In-Young Bae Goalkeeper
- Min-Sub Lee Goalkeeper
- Kyoung-Youl Yoo Defender
- Young-Hoon Cho Defender
- Tae-Jin Kim Defender
- Jun-Hee Lee Defender
- George Abreu de Leandro Lima Midfielder
- Sandro da Silva Mendonca Midfielder
N: Name Position
- Chang-Ho Song Midfielder
- Woo-Jin Cho Midfielder
- Gwi-Hyeon Kim Midfielder
- Woo-Jin Kim Midfielder
- Derek Asamoah Forward
- Soon-Min Hwang Forward
- Dong-Myung Lee Forward
- Woo-Yeol Kang Forward
- Heung-Il Kim Forward
- Seung-Yeob Han Forward

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