Football Quiz - Information

1. Answer questions in the football field and gain QI to see how your level is compared to others!
2. Learn interesting football facts and have fun!
3. Compete and monitor your position in the daily, weekly and monthly rankings!
4. Ask your questions and try to provoke other users!

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Points in the football quiz:

- For every correct answer, you will win 3 QI
- For every wrong answer, you will lose 1 QI
- For every added by you and approved by us question, you will win 10 QI

We will approve a Question in the quiz, if it meets the following criteria:

- The question should be written in English.
- The question should begin with a capital letter, and capital letters should be used where necessary in the sentence.
- The question should end with an appropriate punctuation mark (?)
- Answers should be clear, avoiding the possibility of more than one correct answer
- The question should not be a modification of the same question, already asked in different ways in Soccerfame Football Quiz
- The question should not be copied from other similar quiz games in Internet